During the term at the Bible School you will be able to listen to up to 150 inspiring, systematic teachings. We believe that they will help you to see the broad work of the Holy Spirit and release your potential for God’s intentions for you in the Church and in your personal life.
The teachings will be in English or translated into English.

Jesus Christ Who is Jesus Christ and what is His work

The Bible The power of the Word in our life

Faith How to build your life on the foundation of faith

Grace and Justification What is the justice and the God’s grace given to us

Prayer How to deepen and develop your relationship with God

The Holy Spirit Who is the Holy Spirit and how to enter into relationship with Him

Gifts of the Holy Spirit How the Holy Spirit distributes His gifts

Sacraments The source of grace and their significance in the lives of believers

Worship What it is and how to live it on the daily basis

Liturgy and Worship How the community worships God

Evangelism How I can speak to others about God

Missions The Great Commission in theory and practice

Healing and Theology of the Body How to receive divine healing, live in it and minister it

Preaching and Teaching How to proclaim to and teach the others

Prophetic workshops What God’s Word says about the gift of prophecy and how to use it

Character How to work on it in everyday life

Family and Relationships Our place in relationships based on the Holy Scriptures

Finances God´s perspective on finances and how to manage them

Preparation for the Ministry How to prepare yourself in the best possible way for the things God has planned for you after the School

The Renewal of the Church in the 20th century What the Holy Spirit has done in the last century in the Body of Christ

The Church What and who is the Body of the Christ according to God’s conception

Israel God’s plan for the people of Israel

Christian Unity How to walk in faith with other brothers and serve one another

The Second Coming of the Lord The true hope for the Church