o. dr Mariusz Orczykowski

Fr. dr Mariusz Orczykowski Cofounder, director and teacher in The School of the Servants of the Spirit, Franciscan, priest, assistant from the side of the Church to the community “Voice in the desert” (Głos na Pustyni). He is a Rector of The Franciscan Higher Seminary in Kraków and a member of “Gatherings in the Holy Spirit” – a conference of the charismatic leaders of the catholic church and the leaders of non-denominational churches. He is engaged in Toward Jerusalem Council II initiative (tjcii.org) promoting the dialog between believers from nations – the Christians, and believers from Israel – messianic Jews.

Course: Jesus Christ, Church, Liturgy

+Fr. dr Peter Hocken was theologian and historian of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and the Pentecostal. A world renowned teacher and lecturer. Hocken was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Northampton in 1964. He lectured in moral theology at Oscott College, Birmingham, England (1968 – 1976). In 1971 he became an active member of charismatic renewal. He left the UK in order to join the Mother of God Community, Washington, United States, between 1976 and 1996. In 1984, he received his PhD for his research on the history of charismatic renewal from the University of Birmingham, England (“Streams of Renewal”, 1986). He has served as Executive Secretary of the Society for Pentecostal Studies from 1988 to 1997. Hocken returned to England becoming Chaplain to the Bishop of Northampton (1997 – 2001). Fr. dr Peter Hocken was a member of the Theology Commission for the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal. From this perspective he analysed the history of the first divisions in the Body of Christ. From 1996 he served as a member of the Executive Committee of Toward Jerusalem Council II (TJCII).

Course: Renewal of the Church


Remi Høidahl charismatic biblical teacher. For over ten years he has served as a chaplain of the students of the Livets Ord Theological Seminar in Uppsala. At present he is a pastor of the Christian community “Word of Faith” in Norway. He is sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he shares in an accessible way a deep revelation of the Word. He practically preaches how to use the biblical rules in an everyday life with God.

Course: Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit

s. Mary Paul Friemel

S. Mary Paul Friemel was consecrated as a Sister in 1997. Earlier she experienced deeply the Holy Spirit and since then she knew that the Lord calls her to the healing ministry. Between 1994-2010 she belonged to a group of Franciscan School Sisters and was involved in a youth work. It was in 2003, however, that the Lord began to stir up the calling towards healing once again, and after seven years of discernment, in 2010, she took a step of faith with the Lord, which meant leaving her community and pursuing this new calling with the Lord. In December 2011, Sister renewed her religious vows under Cardinal Schönborn, the Archbishop of Vienna and has consecrated her life to the Lord for the service of communion, healing, and reconciliation within the Body of Christ. She worked closely with fr. Peter Hocken. She was giving teachings on spirituality of communion, healing, and reconciliation, especially in regards to Israel and the Church.

Course: Healing and Theology of the body

Michał Nikodem zdjęcie UNIPICS.PL

Michał Nikodem husband of Agnieszka, father of Grzegorz, Basia and Emilka; the journalist of an information TV. In 1997, after experiencing strong personal conversion during the “Filip” course – he started with friends “Chefsiba” community. Since May 2016 he is a leader of the community. He graduated from the Ulf Ekman Bible School “LOBC” in Uppsala; he is passionate in interpersonal communication and public speaking. One of his life mottos is: “Life is too short to wear boring shoes” and #KWWS which stands for “KrakówWarszawaWspólnaSprawa” (Cracow and Warsaw share a common cause).

Course: Preparation for the service

Karol Sobczyk

Karol Sobczyk leader of the Voice in the Desert community (Głos na Pustyni) and founder of the Christian Foundation Głos na Pustyni. Karol is a psychologist, publicist and the member of the Secretary for the New Evangelisation of the Cracow Archdiocese. He is also a co-author (together with Fr. Adam Szustak) of the book “The blessing has power”.

Course: Grace and Justification

Michał Jeleń

Michał Jeleń happy husband and father of three kids. Since high school he was involved in the Light-Life Movement. In 2001 he experienced a deep encounter with the God Father, which changed his faith and the way of seeing God. In 2002 drawing from this experience he has opened with a friend Evangelisation Community ABBA in Warsaw, of which he is a leader since. In 2011 he moved with his family to Sweden for a year, where he graduated with his wife from the Bible School Livets Ord in Uppsala. He was a leader of the missionary team in Syberia. He is an alumnus of the School for Leaders of New Evangelisation of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw.

Course: Preparation for service

Jeff Eggers he served many years in the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, equipping others into the prophetic ministry. The author of the book “Prophetic like Jesus”. Jeff Eggers met the Lord during the awakening that hit the hippie movement in the 70s in the US – so-called the Jesus Movement. Since that he serves the Lord, including many years as pastor. He is a world-renowned speaker. Poland has a special place in his heart.

Course: Prophetic workshops

Łukasz Nauman

Łukasz Nauman in love with his wife Iza, proud of his children: Dawid, Wiktoria and Oliwia. He studied journalism. In 1999 he has experienced deep encounter with Jesus during the Filip course. Since 2002 he co-led the ABBA community with his friend, where he was responsible for the worship. He preached the Gospel in prisons, schools, during the evangelisation courses. He was a singer and rock guitar player in the rock evangelisation band “Zjednoczenie” (Unification). When involved in Christian education for 8 years, he co-founded Christian School Samuel. He was a lecturer of the communication and of an biblical hour for kids. In 2013 he completed bible school in Uppsala and was a leader of missionary team in Kosovo. He has completed a communication course in Livets Ord Theological Seminary. Presently he lives in Uppsala, where, together with his wife, he composes music with evangelising message.

Course: Evangelisation

Seweryn Osowski

Seweryn Osowski Cofounder and teacher in The School of the Servants of the Spirit. Graduate of the bible school led by the church Word of Life in Uppsala. He spent more than three months in Israel on the Israel Total programme. He has completed a few courses in the Livets Ord Theological Seminary, among others on the leadership. For many years he was engaged in the Góra Oliwna (the Mount of Olives) community..

Course: Faith, Preaching and teaching


Maciek Wolski one of the founders and leaders of the Foundation 24/7, which for many years spreads the idea of the prayer and 24/7 worship in Poland. His desire is to see in the Polish cities thousands of places of prayer, which will fill the country with the climate of worship for Jesus. He deeply believes that the place of prayer in communities is the source from which everything else flows – evangelisation, the power of signs, miracles, deeds of mercy. Together with his evangelisation team he engages in the ministry of training and teaching during the retreats and conferences.

Course: Worship

Przemysław Sekuła Cofounder of the Christian community – Ziemia Boga (God’s land) in Cracow. Between 2008-2010 he had an opportunity to live and to get to know the biggest Christian communities in France and Italy (among others: Coinonia Giovanni Battista, Chemin neuf, Emanuel, St. Jean). In 2012 he finished the Course of the Biblical Discipleship in California and he brought it to Poland teaching in Cracow and Warsaw. The yearning to share the Word led him to missionary trips on different continents. For many years he has been cooperating with Christian formation centres in Poland and abroad.

Course: Finances

dr Mark Kinzer Rabbi Mark is the Spiritual Leader of Congregation Zera Avraham, a Messianic Jewish congregation in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and President Emeritus of Messianic Jewish Theological Institute. He earned his PhD in the study of Second Temple Judaism in1995 from the University of Michigan, and is the author of Searching Her Own Mystery: Nostra Aetate, the Jewish People, and the Identity of the Church (2015); Israel’s Messiah and the People of God (2011); and Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism: Redefining Christian Engagement with the Jewish People (2005). Rabbi Kinzer was a founding member of the Roman Catholic – Messianic Jewish Dialogue Group, convened first in 2000 by Cardinal Cottier (of blessed memory), Theologian of the Papal Household. Rabbi Kinzer is also co-chair of the Helsinki Consultation for Jewish Continuity in the Body of the Messiah.

Course: Israel


Pavol Strežo one of the leaders of the New Evangelisation community in Slovakia (Dolny Kubin). He serves in many countries sharing the revelation about the heart of God the Father. He is a member of European executive committee of the TJCII initiative (Toward Jerusalem Council II).

Course: Second Coming

Andrzej Lewek For more than twenty years he has been involved in the new evangelization environments. He is the coordinator of the International Movement: Men of St. Joseph in Poland and Cracow. Together with Bishop Grzegorz Ryś he co-created the Secretariat for the New Evangelization of the Archdiocese of Kraków. Husband of Basia and father of four children: Kasia, Jaś, Marysia and Barnaba.

Course: Character

bp Grzegorz

Bp Grzegorz Ryś for a few years he has been a director of the Metropolitan Archive in Wawel castle, for the last 4 years before being nominated a bishop, he has been a Rector of the Higher Seminary in Cracow and he has chaired the Conference of the Rectors of Higher Seminaries in Poland. He teaches at The Pontifical University of John Paul II, where he is the Head of the Chair in Medieval History of the Church. For many years he is connected with neocatechumenate. He appreciates the most the presence in Church of the small communities, where one can live his faith deeply, where a person is not anonymous. As a bishop he underlines that in the faith the most important is a personal encounter with the living God. He is engaged in an ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. He chairs The Team for the New Evangelization by The Pastoral Commission of The Polish Episcopal Conference.Foto made by Beata Wojciechowska-Jasion.

Course: Church


Magdalena i Wiesław Grabowscy marriage with more than 35 years of experience. They have 3 adult sons and 6 grandchildren. Since the early 1980s, they have been involved in evangelization activities within the Campus Crusade for Christ . Since 1993, they have been helping families in partnership with the Family Life Ministry. They are co-authors of the textbook for preparation for family life “Before you choose”. Their passion is the practical study of Scripture. Magda runs retreat programs for women, and Wieslaw for men. Magda is also the author of “The Woman Worth the Kingdom”, “Keys to Peace”, “Great Adventure” and “Wonderful Transformation”.

Course: Family and Relationships