The Bible Course ‘The Heritage of Israel’

Bible Course

We invite you to take part in an incredible adventure!
This spring The Foundation of the School of the Servants of the Spirit is honoured to invite all those who have Israel in their hearts, to participate in a Bible course in the Holy Land. We believe that participation in this course will be an amazing time of getting to know Jesus – in the land He walked – and of the better understanding of God’s plans for Israel and the whole world! You will have an opportunity to stay for three weeks at the heart of Jerusalem and to see many other places, which the Bible tells us about! You will be led by the teachers from Israel who during everyday courses will share their faith and wisdom.


During the Bible Course you will hear several dozen of inspiring teachings that will introduce you to the God’s plan for Israel and the entire nations.

The classes will be held every day from Monday to Friday. Each day starts with the morning worship, from 9 am to 9.30 am. Next, the participants take will part in three teachings dedicated to diverse and inspiring subjects run by experienced teachers. There will be some breaks between the classes for relax and development of relations. You will also be able to ask teachers some questions during this time. The classes end at 12.35 pm. Participation in all classes is obligatory.

There will be organized trips and special classes on specific days in venues such as museums or sacred places.

The teachers include among others: Daniel Juster, PhD, Benjamin Berger, Eyal Friedman, Roar Sörensen and Fr Mariusz Orczykowski. The teachings will be in English or translated into English.

The planned event program of the Course

9.03 Thu – Calling of Israel
10.03 Fri – Calling of Israel / Purim
11.03 Sat – Shabbat
12.03 Sun – Visit to the Great Synagogue – Purim
13.03 Mon – The Jewish holidays / Visit to the Western Wall
14.03 Tue – Torah
15.03 Wed – Jewish scriptures of the New Covenant
16.03 Thu – Yeshua
17.03 Fri – Jewish study of the Scriptures
18.03 Sat – Shabbat / Sabbath at the Christ Church
19.03 Sun – The Israel Museum
20.03 Mon – Jerusalem- Tour “Walls of Jerusalem”
21.03 Tue – The history of Israel from Abraham to the New Covenant
22.03 Wed – The history of Israel from the destruction of the Second Temple to the present
23.03 Thu – Trip to Galilee
24.03 Fri – Israeli society
25.03 Sat – Shabbat
26.03 Sun – Yad Vashem
27.03 Mon – The Second Coming of the Lord
28.03 Tue – Closure and handing out the diplomas

Daily teachings have been marked in black color. The blue color represents special classes and tours. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the presented event program.


Stay in the heart of Jerusalem. All participants will be accommodated in the Polish Church Monastery (“Polish Home”) in double rooms. The place is located a ten minute walk to the Old City Walls. The Wi-Fi is available in the building.


The Bible Course ‘The Heritage of Israel’ will last from the 9th to the 28th of March 2017. In order to participate in this course you must be at least 18 years of age and have your application supported by a recommendation of from your pastor or the leader of your community.

The total cost of participation in the whole course is Euro 1150, including 100 Euro of the registration fee. The fee covers all tuition, accommodation (from the 8th to the 28th of March), food (breakfasts), entrance to museums. The price does not include the cost of the flight and other meals.

There is possibility to participate only in a part of the course, i.e. a week-long course (from 8th to 15th March, from 15th to 22nd March or from 22st to 28th March; the price of this course is Euro 450) or a two-week long course (from 8th to 22nd March or from 15th to 28th March, the price of this course is Euro 850). Please, contact the Foundation office for further details.